Wednesday, 20 August 2014

How to create proper interest in your brand.

Just reading a review of the Batman Tumbler thingy on, when I came across these comments: (ignore the formatting issues - I simply didn't have the time to sort it out all nice and tidy like).

By  in France, 
A great model but too expensive for my purse...
As thehornedrat asked, are you to give back the set after your review ?
If not, you're a lucky guy Huw !!

By  in United Kingdom, 
No, we don't send the sets we are sent back after review. What would LEGO do with them? They can't re-use or resell them.

Providing sets to fan sites is an excellent way for LEGO to advertise and encourage sales. In fact, it's probably the most cost-effective form of marketing available, particularly compared to an online banner ad campaign or similar. $200 to reach tens of thousands of known LEGO buyers -- bargain!

The European CEE team provide review sets to a number of sites and I believe anyone can apply to be receive them. But, of course, you'll need to have a well-read and well-known website or similar before you'd be considered.

Incredible - and what a way to promote your product. It makes me immediately want to create a blog or website dedicated to such things and I have to hand it Lego for being generous enough to do this - no wonder folk are enthusiastic about the models that come out and want to write and buy them.

Incidently, I have now shifted my bookmark for the MCF to somewhere and replaced it by Brickset instead. I am beginning to like what I see outside the shouty noise of diecast. 

Monday, 18 August 2014

Wonderful Classic Car background images

Just swiped these from the Practical Classics Farcebook page of cover photos.

Wonderful, wonderful images of some beautiful cars - beauty is the eye of the beholder - and I love all of these classics.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Today's humour smile:

So I have decided that I will post some cheer when I see it - not really part of a blog, but I think it is good to see what funny stuff is out there from time to time -

We can all get wrapped up in the discussions and chat, and loose focus to smile once is a while - so this made me smile:

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Well, that didn't go according to plan...........Hammers 0, Spuds 1


I didn't ever think that we were going to get 4 in a row again the Spuds, but this smash and grab raid hurts.

Once again, being a parent does not lend happy viewing in front of the TV for games but this may have been a good thing. I glimpsed the sending off Naughton for being a bit of a lairy gobshite, but expected Noble to have made it 1-0..............he didn't..............just dragged the ball wide of the post..........unbelievable waste.

So glimpsing the score over the second half every now and again and looking at the table on BBC Sport, I would have been very content with a point. From all accounts Downing had a good game, and Cresswell looked like he could be useful on the left wing. But these are snatches of account - I will wait to see the rest of the play.

18 attempts and 4 on target says otherwise.  Finishing once again being the achillies heel for the side - I do wonder what Teddy has been doing over the last few months........add to that, we had a man advantage and lost that with the sending off of Collins - as Big Sam said at the post match interview, we only have ourselves to blame.

So at the moment we are bottom of the league on the opening day of the season. I have not seen the highlights yet on MOTD, but I intend to watch as many of the shows as possible this season. I may add to this blog or another one when I fully see the highlights - but TBH, it may not make pleasant viewing.

The only comfort today I can take out of the first day of the season is that the Mancs lost at home - so we are level pegging with them at the moment.

I think it is going to be a long, hard season ahead.


It starts now..............

Well, the season starts in a few hours time. I am slightly looking forward to it, but I can't say taht I have been impressed with the Hammers pre-season. OK we beat Sampdoria in the pre-season Cup, but the NZ Tour was nothing short of a disaster and all the other games have been quite dodgy.

We have had a good few ins and outs

Aaron Cresswell Ipswich Town Undisclosed
Carl Jenkinson Arsenal Loan
Cheikhou Kouyate Anderlecht Undisclosed
Diego Poyet Charlton Athletic Free
Diafra Sakho Metz Undisclosed
Enner Valencia Pachuca £12.0m
Mauro Zarate Velez Sarsfield (Argentina) Undisclosed



Joe Cole Aston Villa Free
Jack Collison Wigan Athletic Loan
Stephen Henderson Charlton Athletic Free
Sean Maguire Sligo Rovers Loan
George Moncur Colchester United Loan
Ravel Morrison Queens Park Rangers Loan
Raphael Spiegel Crawley Town Loan
Matthew Taylor Burnley Undisclosed
Blair Turgott Dagenham & Redbridge Loan

Mate of mine at work tells me Poyet is the nuts.........Valencia did well int eh World Cup, but will that translate in the Premier League?? The others? I hope I am proved wrong, but I can't see where there has been further quality additions to side. 

Andy Carroll is out until November-odd - frustrating to say the least...........

And with the Spuds up at 15h00, I can't see it being four in a row........I will have the TV on hopefully, but don't see much happening with this game. 

It may sound all doom and gloom, but we simply don't have the cash to see if we can hit the top six odd - and I think that the expectation is just mid-table come the end of May 2015.
Of course, I could be wrong - we could have a blinder...........but the only bit of good cheer at the moment is that lovely home kit. 

I am sounding a bit old Alf Garnett, but if it goes wrong for Big Sam in the first month, he will loose his job, and I can't see who will come in for the hot seat. Pressure is on - team needs to deliver and HAS to deliver.

Friday, 15 August 2014

I could not resist.......and now choices have to be made.

I only went to return an item and ended up with this:

You cannot buy this set anymore via so I have decided that I will start buying the expert building builds moving forward.

This is going to set me back a fortune - it really is. I reckon near enough CHF1k, but I have a feeling it will be worth it from a build view.

What this means is that I now have to make choices. I still have the B Wing and Mos Eisley Catina to add to the Star Wars collection...... but I am actually done for 2014 for all the Lego City which is a relief.......I still have the new version of the railway station to get, but I am done.

I am really happy that the latter half of the City range was the Arctic models - I have no interest in these at all, so thus a saving.

And silly enough is my logic but I want Lego to make unappealing Lego City models next year so that I don't buy them!! Having seen the Winter set for experts for this year, I am glad that it is not appealing in the slightest......

It will be interesting - I am broke at the moment, still paying off for items that I have bought this year over monthly payments. However, there is going to be a time where the brakes are slammed on and I won't be buying as much I am at the moment.

My diecast habit I think will change as well - may be time to start up the TLV-Neo's again with the odd mainstream 1/64 in the mix.....and throw in a 1/43 every now and again.

I think my future spending path is going to be heavy for myself, but it does not involve Matchbox - seems like Mattel have lost a customer as well as interest in their product.

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the £1m un-drivable car (sort of.......)

from the Metro, 14/08/2014

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Lego Star Wars Ewok Village 10236 - build update

Well, I have just completed the first book for the Ewok Village build this evening. It is looking good.

Three structural towers finished - interesting to see the use of studded side bricks used to help create the sides of the huge tree trunks.

The main tower is quite fragile - parts will fall off quite easily if mishandled.

I am not going to go fully into the detail of the workings of the set until I have fully completed it - but one thing is for sure - I know why they bag up the pieces in section bags......having all the parts in one box is quite not the experience I remember and simply prolongs the build time.....

Book 2 to start this weekend.

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Cars you don't see that often......Citroen SM

Spotted outside the Cité de l’Automobile in Mulhouse in the car park.

SM's are a rare breed, and at the time where the Q-Car of the 70s.

Citroen ride and handling married with a Maserati engine.....what more do you want??

Even Lesney made one in the form of MB51

Wonderful car and very rare to see them in the metal these days. 

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