Monday, 26 January 2015

5th round here we come. Bristol City 0, Hammers 1 - FA Cup 4th Round

This had all the makings of a massive banana skin.

TBH, I was not even paying attention for most of the match - City did a very good job of stifling the play and prevented the Hammers from making any chances.

But Senegal's loss is the Hammers gain. Sakho - who was meant to on ACON duty popped up with another great header from some good work by Andy Carroll to get that important goal and send us through.

It was a real Cup tie - not pretty to watch and dull in places. Unlike Everton the other day............

We did miss Collins at the back - that was for sure - Reid - for me - went unnoticed.............

I don't have much positive to write - it was that scrappy, but we are through and the 5th Round draw awaits - a better position to be in than Chelsea, City or the Spuds.

Fair play to City - only the one goal and a side that should have taken their chances. If they did, we would be out (cliche).

Can you say that the romance of the Cup is still there for the Hammers?


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Hot Wheels - 1992 Ford Mustang

Not a huge fan of Americana, but HW does this one quite well as a casting.

Shame that the tampo strikes are utter crap -

If I had the time I would detail this one a bit more - the front lights can do with a silver tip - rear as well with red.

A good casting for the basis of customisation.

Hot Wheels 1992 Ford MustangHot Wheels 1992 Ford MustangHot Wheels 1992 Ford MustangHot Wheels 1992 Ford MustangHot Wheels 1992 Ford MustangHot Wheels 1992 Ford MustangHot Wheels 1992 Ford MustangHot Wheels 1992 Ford MustangHot Wheels 1992 Ford MustangHot Wheels 1992 Ford MustangHot Wheels 1992 Ford MustangHot Wheels 1992 Ford MustangHot Wheels 1992 Ford Mustang

Friday, 23 January 2015

Hot Wheels - Lotus Esprit S1 (PPW 306 R)

I have been waiting for this to appear for ages!

However, the end result is a tad disappointing - mainly in terms of the quality element than anything else.

The car is well presented here and the PPW 306 R plate has a massive significance showing that it is indeed a Bond car. I am pleased they managed to get the Esprit detail correct on the side rear panel.

But the fit and finish is shoddy - I have blogged before, I should not expect much from a pocket money toy, but I always do...............

This car is going for silly money on ebay - I can see why, but if I paid over the odds for this, I may be gutted.

Lotus Esprit S1Lotus Esprit S1Lotus Esprit S1Lotus Esprit S1
Lotus Esprit S1Lotus Esprit S1Lotus Esprit S1Lotus Esprit S1
Lotus Esprit S1Lotus Esprit S1Lotus Esprit S1Lotus Esprit S1
Lotus Esprit S1Lotus Esprit S1

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Reconfirming Mattel's sprial of ignorance and neglect.

Just did a quick check on my 1-75/120/182934 for 2014 via my online tracker using Google Docs.

I have calculated that of the 120 models that were supposedly released for 2014, I have only got 48 of them.

This is me not chasing around the stores, buying them off ebay like some collectors. This is me seeing them on the pegs and trying to remember which ones I have and have not got.

I have to say that it is pretty pathetic.

We are now into the first month of 2015 and we still cannot get a complete set of models for 2014 done!

Worse still, is that the 2015 line up has been finalised and that we are not going to find out for a good few months what that is yet!!!

Even worse is that you will see some of the 2015 models now creeping in.

Despite reassurances that Jean Gomez is the right person in charge of the Boys Division, I think there are still fundamental neglect going on within the diecast division.

The brand is struggling once again and the Amby Reports for this term show that.

I am glad I am out of it - the effort is not worth the reward.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Hammers, hammer Hull - Hammers 3, 'Ull 0

Forgive me - I should have written this sooner or straight after the match, but things got in the way and I am rather cream crackered.

However, I will summarise -

1) First half was crap

2) thank God someone said summat in the second half - really pulled it around -

3) Well done AC, Morgan and Stewie for taking their chances.

4) Collins at the back - bloody immense and has saved us from Hull getting an advantage in the first half.

FA Cup on Sunday and we are on BBC1 - banana skin??

Just a quick reminder, that we USED to sign some utter shite -

So for all the moaners about where we are in the league, just remember this:

West Ham's Ten Worst Signings of the Last Decade

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Tomytec’s GT-R painted pre-production samples

Personally, this will be two of my monthly allowance!

Text: All credit to 829Japan

Tomytec finally made public some pictures of the painted samples of their upcoming Nissan GT-R Nismo models. Very nice details and the side mirrors are here so not much to complain about !
LV-N10000 LV-N10001
TLV-N100 a/b Nissan GT-R Nismo (2015/02)

LV-N10100 LV-N10101
TLV-N101 a/b Nissan GT-R Nismo N Attack Package (2015/03)
The minor differences between the Nismo and Nismo N Attack Package are clearly visible, from the rear wing size down to the red stripe on the N Attack version mirrors.
Can’t wait !

Monday, 19 January 2015

A message from the Joint-Chairmen

From the Club website today:

Monday 19 January marks five years to the day since the moment that we, as two proud Eastenders, took to the helm of the Club we have loved and supported all our lives. So we feel the time is right to take stock of the progress we have made and look forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead.

It is an especially exciting time to be the Joint-Chairmen of this Club. After our stunning start to the season, with performances that have had the whole country talking, we sit comfortably in the top half of the table and have a fourth round tie in the FA Cup to look forward to after last week's thrilling win against Everton.

It is all a far cry from the situation West Ham faced back in January 2010, when we first bought a majority share. To put our progress in perspective, we have already won more games in this campaign than we did in the whole of that 2009/10 season.

We inherited a club that was riddled with debt, had little or no expectation from the management team, lacked strategy on and off the pitch and had no idea what the future held for it. Avoiding relegation seemed to be the limit of the Club's ambitions and with no plan to expand the Boleyn Ground, there was little prospect of improvement.

As some supporters may recall, in the summer of 2010, we set out a ten-point pledge to highlight the areas we wanted to address to start turning that situation around and to give West Ham's loyal supporters reasons to look forward to the future with confidence.
They were:
1. Management: We pledged to recruit a high-calibre manager with the experience to deliver good football and results. After the disappointment of relegation in 2011, we put our faith in Sam Allardyce to win promotion and secure our status in the Barclays Premier League. He repaid that faith by picking up the pieces of a relegated squad, rebuilding its morale and then securing promotion to the Premier League via a memorable Play-Off Final win at Wembley. Two consecutive mid-table finishes followed and this year he has led us to our best-ever start to a Premier League season. Big Sam is now the second longest-serving manager in the Premier League and we hope his experience can now lead us to what would be a creditable top-six finish this season.

2. New players: We said we wanted an exciting and balanced squad, with new signings that shared our ambitions and could play in the 'West Ham Way'. Our transfer business last summer typifies that approach: nine players brought in with an average age of 24. Our recruitment was as varied as it was successful, one of the brightest young talents in the Championship, a World Cup star and a loan signing from Barcelona, and their impact on changing the Club's fortunes is evident for all to see. In our opinion we now have one of the best West Ham squads in recent memory.

3. The Academy: We always want to see Academy talent given a chance. James Tomkins was the last player to break into the first team on a consistent basis and we are desperate to see more make the grade. With Tony Carr moving to an ambassadorial role, we restructured the Academy, appointing Terry Westley as its new head. Just last week, we made a big statement for the future by seeing off competition from several of the country's biggest clubs to seal long-term deals for two of our most exciting prospects in Reece Oxford and Joe Powell.

4. Clearing the debt: We pledged that West Ham would never again be placed in peril and that we would get the Club back on a sound financial footing. We have kept that pledge and last year's highest-ever turnover of £114.8 million has not only allowed us to invest in the playing squad, but also continue to clear the Club's debts. We made a record £10.3m profit last season and remain on track to have cleared all external debt by the time we move to our new Stadium.

5. Season Ticket prices: We said we would reward fans who make the long-term commitment of buying a Season Ticket and do more for the younger supporters who are the lifeblood of the Club. We kept Season Ticket prices at our previous Premier League level on our return to the top flight and then froze them again two years later. Indeed, while still tackling the debt, over the past five years, the price of a renewed Season Ticket has come down in relation to the cost of living.

We also continued with our campaign to make football more affordable by freezing Season Ticket prices for younger fans this season and next, committing to six Kids for a Quid games and introducing a new category 'C' ticket, which starts at just £20 for adults. These incentives, combined with the impressive performances of the team, have seen us grow our support among Under-18s by 23 per cent in the last two years.

6. Status and image: We said we wanted to build on our proud history and values to promote the Club's status and image as far and wide as possible. Now with star signings from across the globe, official supporters' clubs from Canada to Kazakhstan, and the move to a world-famous venue just 20 months away, West Ham's international profile has never been higher. A total of 14 of our matches were televised last season and we were officially recognised as one of the world's leading football brands by Brandfinance, placing us again in the top nine of Premier League clubs in the world's 50 most valuable football brands.

7. Enjoyment: We said we wanted to bring the fun and enjoyment back to a matchday out at West Ham. That has meant restoring attacking, entertaining and successful football on the pitch but also increased activity for fans before the match and at half time, with better videos, improved music, interviews with former players and celebrities and interactive activities for young Hammers in and around the Stadium.

8. Community: We said we wanted to do even more for local schools and businesses and extend our commitment to multi-sports, education and healthy living. Thanks to the inspirational drive of Vice-Chairman Karren Brady and new head of our West Ham United Foundation, Joseph Lyons, we have seen a dramatic improvement. More than 15,000 youngsters have so far engaged with the Foundation's employability, training and mentoring schemes, 6,000 underachieving children in Newham have received out-of-school study support at the Club's Inspire Learning Centre and more than 20,000 deprived youngsters in the Olympic Boroughs have also engaged with West Ham's Kicks Project, which has seen a tangible reduction in anti-social behaviour in the areas covered.

9. The Olympic Stadium: We said moving to the Olympic Stadium would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we pledged to do our best to make it happen. Our perseverance through three long and testing bidding processes was eventually rewarded when we were named anchor concessionaires in March 2013. Our success in that bid is one of the great achievements of the past five years. It gives us the chance to take West Ham to a new level by generating more revenues to invest in the playing squad, attracting the best players to sign for us and then hopefully competing with the top teams in Europe. It will also give the greatest fans in the world one of the greatest stadiums in all of football.

10. The supporters: We said our most important commitment was listening to what you have to say and being open, transparent and available. Whether talking to you on social media, or face to face at fans' forums, we hope we have personally delivered on that commitment. And by establishing the Supporter Advisory Board, appointing a dedicated Supporter Liaison Officer, conducting polls and consultations on the new Stadium, the final season plans and the new crest, we hope you have seen us not just listening to - but acting on - your views.

In all these ten areas, significant progress has been made, but we recognise there is still much more to do and that fresh challenges and new goals will always lie ahead as we continue to shape the future of the Club. Therefore, today we are issuing another ten-point pledge to help shape our vision for the next five years. Our passion, commitment and desire to drive West Ham further forward is as much alive today as it was the day we walked through the gates.

1. Continue to invest in the playing squad. Our aim is to bring in more world-class players that can play in the 'West Ham Way'. We have broken the Club's transfer record twice in the last three years and we will continue to make significant funds available to strengthen the playing squad this summer as we build a team that will befit our new home. We will also endeavour to hang onto our best players as, too often in the past, previous Boards have sold our most promising players.

2. Give the Boleyn Ground the fitting farewell it deserves.
 With your support we must ensure that we pay a fitting farewell to our home of more than a century. We plan to use the opportunity, when people around the world will be watching, to celebrate everything that is great about this Club, its history, its fans and its future.

3. Clear the debt.
 Our latest set of accounts clearly shows the progress made in this area, but we have pledged to be free of external debt by the time we leave the Boleyn Ground and that must remain our focus for the next 18 months.

4. Deliver a new Stadium that exceeds fans' expectations.
 Having secured a 99-year lease to become anchor concessionaire, we must now make sure we deliver a stunning new Stadium that Hammers fans are proud to call home. We have secured a UEFA Category 4 Stadium, which is the highest category in the world, and with the new roof, retractable seating, supporters facilities and the new hospitality areas, your new Stadium will become the benchmark of best stadia in the world.

5. Continue to serve our community.
 Having provided more than 1.5 million opportunities for local people, the re-launched West Ham United Foundation is now in a position to significantly expand its work over a wider area of East London, Essex and beyond.

6. Employ the best staff to take the Club forward.
 While we are proud of the Club's achievements, we should be clear it is not just down to the Board. We have ensured we have the very best people in the right jobs, from football staff and sports science to the new Stadium project team and supporter services. We can all see the difference these people are making to West Ham United and our progress on and off the pitch. West Ham is proud to be an equal opportunities employer who has the best interests of its staff and its customers at the heart of every decision the Board makes.

7. Communicate clearly and transparently with supporters.
 Whether it be through our new soon-to-be-launched digital platform, social media, newsletters, fans' forums or the SAB, we will continue to communicate the Club's important messages to supporters. We pride ourselves on being accessible Chairmen and will always listen to supporters' feedback on the issues that matter to them.

8. Continue our affordable football campaign.
 A Season Ticket will always offer the best value to anyone wanting to watch every West Ham game. We also want to make sure that everyone has the chance to watch top-flight football so will be building on our current promotions, such as the award-winning schemes like Kids for a Quid, when we move to the new Stadium.

9. Make sure watching West Ham is enjoyable
. We were clear last summer that we share the West Ham fans' desire for entertaining football and are delighted to see that return in abundance this season. The new Stadium will offer unrivalled opportunities to improve the matchday experience away from the pitch and we will be reaching out to supporters over the coming months to make sure our new facilities offer one of the very best days out in the Premier League.

10. Continue to increase the profile of our Club.
 The new Stadium will automatically put West Ham on a pedestal around the world and it is our job to ensure we maximise on that opportunity. We are already receiving approaches from big brands that are desperate to be part of our exciting journey and as our profile increases we will, in turn, be able to attract better players from across the globe.

Like you, there are no limits to our ambitions for West Ham and there is no end to our enthusiasm to achieve them.

But more importantly, over the coming years, we will, for the first time in the modern era, have the Stadium, the playing squad and the global reach that will give us the chance to turn our collective dreams into reality.

Thank you for your continued support.

David Sullivan and David Gold

The Opel Collection is STILL carrying on!!

Seriously, fuck me.

Eaglemoss Publications don't know whether they are coming or going.

They have now officially canned the Opel Collection website - and all the images that are associated with it.

They are now purporting on that the collection now goes up to issue 110, but having looked at their images, we are once again seeing that these are re-hashes of the existing castings in emergency services livery - or an existing casting being maxed out with a slight variation,
I am amazed that this horse is still being flogged to death -

I would have liked to see the collection bow out gracefully, but no............

I am not going to blog about this collection any more - I am just annoyed about the way it was handled and TBH the customer service at Eaglemoss Germany is bloody shite.

Where did I put my Tomica's then.............................?

Sunday, 18 January 2015

I pity the Fool.................

I love it when a Lego plan comes together - this little model is SOOPER!

If you look carefully at the bricks used, it is possible to re-create this one yourself using the parts.

Be sure to check out the other MOC's as well.