Friday, 18 April 2014

Hot Wheels Alfa Romeo 8C

This one should really be a Matchbox.

But as we know HW is Mattel's baby so get's the cream of the castings.

But despite this, Mattel have really got a good casting here and this is a wonderful little model. For once, Mattel have bothered to complete the front and rear detailing and that is just about enough - it doesn't need more than that.

When they put their mind to it, they can produce some belters - this being one of them - but more often than not it is just generic plastic crap.


Thursday, 17 April 2014

It's a Bewdy! E-Type Fixed Head Coupe.

I have to say, that I do enjoy Basel for the masses of rare and wonderful cars that are on show almost on a daily basis.

I can't remember the last time that I saw a E-Type on the roads of Britain, but folk seem to actually use these as their daily drivers over here.

I love this example - it was mint and near enough everything was original.

And you can tell by the reg plate that the chap has a couple of quid on him......

Lovely example.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Bunch of Arse - Gooners 3, Hammers 1

Bloody rubbish.

As usual we take the lead at the Emptycrates and once again we cannot capitalise on a winning performance. And once again we leak in three goals.

We showed against Liverpool that we would hold our own and some will say that the absence of Collins and Nolan will have contributed to the loss, but TBH, AC looked a little lost up front and didn't really do too much.

The Arse should have been exhausted from their FA Cup exploits but it looks like they really want that Champions League spot.

It is frustrating as I knew that we were not going to get much change from this game, but I was still expecting at least a draw after the performance we put in against Liverpool. But fact of the bare matter is that we are short on quality and with the likes of Diame wanting to sod off to Liverpool and lots of players out of contract in the summer, I do wonder who is going to come in and replace with that bit of quality.

I am not holding out for much more until the end of the season. Are we safe?

Here's what Martin "No Finesse" Keown thinks:

Martin Keown, BBC Radio 5 live, Emirates StadiumArsenal 3-1 West Ham
"West Ham have played with a lot of energy tonight, Mo Diame has run all night and fought to keep hold of the ball and try to create something. It's the only way that Sam Allardyce sets his sides up to play. West Ham fans shouldn't be surprised about that. He's kept them in the Premier League and it's job done as far as he's concerned."

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Keep on movin'

Well, I haven't blogged for a couple of days now but there was a good reason.

We have just moved "house". OK, we live in a flat, but you know what I mean.

I had 4 days off to literally lift, pull and push to our new abode which fortunately is just across the hallway. (Before you ask, the new place has an extra room and TBH after 4 years in the same joint, a change of atmosphere is welcomed). So this was relatively easy in terms of moving, albeit I am knackered.

I haven't been online much but what I have discovered is that within the move I have found stuff I forgot about and time to review what is and is not needed.

I have done the same for the attic - loads of old car magazines that I have not read for the past 20 years and then when I did flick through them, I saw that the content was irrelevant!. I did scan some of the old adverts and they just ditched the mags. Cleansing has started. And as the work photocopy is excellent for scanning upto A3, methinks it is time to scan in all those ads I collected from the Sunday Times magazine from the late 80s.................I just hope that they have not gone manky in the shed outside.......

And look - it is now Spring - so surely cleaning is in order?! 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Parking the bus

Quite witty from the Hammers press office about Stevie G's comments about the club on Sunday:

Parking the bus

The Liverpool team coach was unusually parked ahead of Sunday's fixture with West Ham United

While some pundits claimed West Ham United would 'park the bus' against Barclays Premier League title-chasers Liverpool on Sunday, it is certainly one thing the Reds could not be accused of!
Instead of manoeuvring the team bus into the Players' Car Park, as is the norm with visiting teams to the Boleyn Ground, Liverpool's coach instead initially parked in Green Street.
Following the game, Reds captain Steven Gerrard light-heartedly claimed he and his team-mates had to walk 'a mile' to reach the stadium. However, the unusual parking location is estimated to have added around 20 metres to the usual walk from the coach door to the Players' entrance.
Once the Liverpool players and staff had safely disembarked, the coach was moved into the Players' Car Park, where it remained before collecting them after the game.
Gerrard, whose two penalties won a tight contest 2-1 for the visitors, also claimed that West Ham 'tried everything to upset us', when he and his team-mates had been escorted to and from their dressing room by West Ham's own security staff and police.
Another suggestion was that the visitors were housed in a 'hot' dressing room, which caused some bemusement as West Ham staff received no complaint about the temperature from the visitors. Of course, West Ham staff would have been happy to turn up the air conditioning at our opponents' request.
Finally, the consistent overnight rain that fell on the Boleyn Ground on Saturday meant that the 'dry' playing surface might have been a little wetter than was suggested.
West Ham United make every provision for visiting staff, players and supporters at the Boleyn Ground and are proud of the East End welcome the Club provides.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Hot Wheels - Honda Civic EF

John Lambert raves on about JDM cars quite a bit and many of the showcases within his blog are for customised version of standard diecast.

Personally I think that many of them are way over the top.

I do like the standard stock versions and this EF Civic from around 1990 is one of them.

Honda's are few and far between within the Mattel stable, but Tomica have them in abundance. Like with the majority of HW models so can add a drop of detailing to enhance the vehicle, but I think that this is a pretty decent stab.

Now if this was a Matchbox.....................


Monday, 7 April 2014

Champions League: Uefa signs Nissan as new sponsor

Japanese carmaker Nissan has signed up to become a sponsor of the Uefa Champions League, Europe's top club football competition.
The value of the four-year deal has not been revealed, but current sponsor packages are reported to be worth more than £45m($74.6m;54.5m euros) a season.
Nissan replaces Ford, which in March said it would cut its 22-year partnership with the event.
Other current sponsors are Mastercard, Unicredit, Heineken, Gazprom, and Sony.
Nissan is Japan's second-biggest carmaker, and backing the Champions League will help raise its profile in Europe, where it recently said that conditions were "sluggish".
The agreement is its largest ever sponsorship deal and will establish Nissan as an official partner worldwide from season 2014-15 up to and including the 2017-18 season.
'Global platform'
Nissan will have extensive rights and branding around Champions League matches, including the final, pre-match training sessions, and other media and hospitality benefits.
"Europe's most prestigious football competition will be an important global platform for Nissan, and our aim is to show fans all over the world the excitement of both football and our cars," said Roel de Vries, Nissan's global head of marketing.
He said the Champions League reached more than four billion TV viewers a season, and the deal would bring Nissan to new audiences "and keep the brand at the fore over the course of the European football calendar".
Nissan has introduced several new models, including the TeanaNissan hopes the Uefa deal will grow sales in Europe
This year's Champions League competition is currently at the quarter-final stage, with the final being played in Lisbon, on Saturday, 25 May.
As part of the deal Nissan will also be a sponsor of the Uefa Super Cup, played each year between the winners of the Champions League and Europa League.
It means that its first partnership event will be as part of the 2014 Super Cup, which is being played at Cardiff on 12 August.
Other Nissan sports sponsorships include the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Olympic Teams GB and Mexico, and the African Cup of Nations.

BRICK 2014

This looks like a really interesting show at the ExCel in London at around November time.

BRICK 2014 – is here!  Live at EXceL London from November 27th to 30th this year! This fantastic 4 day show will be packed with LEGO!  See a huge range of great LEGO features, Get building in our pits of LEGO with Tonnes to play with!  
See sets from the world’s best LEGO builders,  A MUST for all fans of LEGO whatever their age! See amazing creations from international builders, Get Creative in the construction zones, experience LEGO games, meet the people from LEGO, Have- a-Go themed areas with your favourite LEGO sets and characters…
We have dozens of life sized LEGO Models, a huge LEGO Store, interactive features, fun stuff to do all packed into the ExCeL Centre, London. Brick 2014 is the UK’s largest ever interactive LEGO show heaven! for fans of this amazing brick. This is BRICKTOPIA!
Brick 2014 is supported by LEGO Group
So much so, I am planning to make a trip to see this exhibition.
More details can be found here

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Poor decisions - Hammers 1, Referee 2

At the time, I didn't know we would be playing the League leaders, and TBH, I was not expecting much from this game. My first and last home game for this season and I was seated in some funny little corner in the Bobby Moore Lower. 

I'll be honest - if there is any team that I want win the League this year, it has to be Liverpool. Not only has Brendan Rodgers started to create a very exciting side, and has tamed the likes of Raheem Sterling and Luis Suarez, but adding a 19th title will make the Mancs a little bit nervous. Not quite the best team in the land. And it is now mathematically impossible for Utd to win the League - 2nd and 3rd spot are also increasingly unlikely as well. 

But today was about West Ham and looking to park the bus. Well, I was hoping for at least a draw. But two very suspect referring decisions cost us three points. Being is such a stupid seat I could barely see what was going on at times, so I will have to watch MOTD2 tonight to see the incidents at large which led to the 2x Stevie G pen's.

But looking at the side today, we did bloody well. Tomkins and Demel contained Suraez for the majority of the game with his one shot hitting the crossbar - as did Carroll at the opposing end. The Liverpool midfield were stifled and there was no real creativity there for them. 


We had good amounts of possession and if Noble doesn't get into the England squad for Brazil, then summat is very wrong. Him and Downing played very well.

Again, I want to see MOTD and really understand what happened that led to the 2x pens - by all accounts they were not justified at all. 

So thus ends my term for the 2013/14 season watching the Hammers live. It was great to hear the crowd applauding the team off the pitch. It was a huge performance and we have to pick ourselves up again for the Gooners shortly, who after getting beat 3-0 by Everton in the earlier kick off surely must be a wounded animal and therefore dangerous.

As for Liverpool - champions elect? 

Friday, 4 April 2014

Majorettte - Renault Kangoo (1/64)

More good stuff coming out of the Majorette stable

Surely this one should have been a MB at the very least? It is a relevant car in today's world and I am sure that there are many markets out there that this car would be sold in.

Look again - that wonderful opening tailgate gives real sense of realism and play value - you could turn it into a delivery van, or stick some Lego lights on the roof and you have a police van.

I don't buy this health and safety nonsense for opening parts - they don't do any harm and I know for a fact that small people love these features.

Majorette have the right idea.......Mattel clearly have missed the boat - again.